From the very beginning, River Rock Single Malt has put sustainability at the heart of its decision making. 
Passionate about the great outdoors, we want to celebrate and protect the planet and help others make a positive contribution along the way.

River Rock - Sustainability

Small Steps for the Great Outdoors:

As a start up, we have had to think creatively about how to deliver sustainability in a way which still makes a big difference, and importantly also allows our drinkers to make a positive contribution. 

Here are some of the ways we make a difference:


‘The only spirit brand in the world using ‘wonky glass’

River Rock Single Malt Wonky Glass

In a first for any spirit brand, River Rock’s bottles are all made from glass that would normally go unused in the glass making process (during the change from one colour to another). We call it our ‘wonky’ glass.

At River Rock, instead of adopting the traditional approach of insisting every bottle is the same colour, we embrace the fact that all our bottles are different, every one beautifully unique. This saves energy and glass, and gives our customers a brand that is as unique as they are.

As well as our 'wonky' bottles, River Rock labels are made with FSC approved recycled paper and deliberately avoid the use of inks or foils, which create unnecessary wastage.

100% Plastic Free

River Rock has a simple ‘No Plastic’ rule in everything it does.

A biodegradable cellulose tamper evidence seal has replaced the traditional plastic version, allowing our drinkers to dispose of it in their household compost bin.   

Another key decision was to avoid an outer pack altogether. By rejecting an outer pack, River Rock reduces material usage and shipping weight. By partnering with Flexi-hex, River Rock also ensures the no plastic rule is applied to shipping packaging


By making a contribution from the very first bottle sold, River Rock is already a proud member of 1% for the planet.

River Rock Single Malt 1% for the Planet member

Through our partnership with John Muir Trust, we have been giving back since day one. For every bottle of River Rock sold, a native tree is planted in Scotland, as part of a wider initiative which aims to restore ancient woodlands, create new woodland and make sure that native trees are re-established. 


As well as our partnership with John Muir Trust, River Rock works with a number of likeminded companies and individuals - check out the full list on our friends page 

River Rock Sustainability

One of the most exciting initiatives currently supported by River Rock is:


The supremely talented Charlotte Workman is owner of The Adventure Photographers, a team of uniquely skilled outdoor photographers and videographers.

By capturing adventures in wild places, their work explores and celebrates the natural world in the hope to cultivate a desire to protect them. All their profits are directed toward environmental conservation and education. 

We have had the great pleasure of working with Charlotte on a number of adventures, and are pleased to be supporting her in her upcoming epic Greenland expedition. Teaming up with the guys from Zero Impact Adventures, Charlotte will attempt a world record breaking trip covering over 300 miles across NE Greenland.

Zero Impact Adventures Greenland 2022 expedition

The longest expedition of its kind, the trip will involve collecting scientific data on route, summiting unclimbed peaks, as well as creating a documentary which will inspire, engage and educate others on how to adventure for the better.


River Rock customers have the chance to further support the trip through the purchase of our epic Greenland Gift set. Worth over £200, each set costs £100 and includes a 70cl bottle of River Rock, two River Rock branded Klean Kanteen tumblers, and a limited edition aluminium art print from the Adventure Photographers. The gift set also includes a £10 donation which will go directly to funding the expedition.  To buy click here



Moving forwards, we are actively seeking new partnerships to support as well as working with partners to introduce a click, collect and returns service which will further reduce shipping and allow consumers to return their bottles to be refilled, proving once again that the small guys can do their bit for sustainability.