A Wonderfully Wonky Year

This week marks a year since we closed the ballot for batch #1 of our wonderfully wonky River Rock Single Malt...

...And what a year it has been.

From 100 bottles in prototype glass through to awards and international distribution, it's certainly been one hell of a ride so far!

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Whisky & The Wilderness

What better way to mark the launch of River Rock batch #2 than by summiting 3500 feet for a mountain adventure with good friends? Thick snow at the summit, with 100ft vertical drops and narrow ridges made for a rewarding and memorable adventure ; a moment to reflect on how much we need to both appreciate and respect our natural world, and a rem...
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Message in a Bottle

The River Rock design is not just a bottle: It is a shorthand for everything that we stand for; Uniquely beautiful, skilfully crafted and environmentally progressive. As a start up, we had to think creatively about how we can make an immediate impact, not wait for technology to come up with a solution. Which is why we are the only spirit brand i...
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