River Rock and the Fairy Hill

The team at River Rock are committed to doing things differently for the good of the planet. Which is exactly why they celebrated River Rock ‘launch day’ by heading up Schiehallion with The John Muir Trust to help out with the planting of native trees.


The River Rock team in front of the Scottish landscape

The River Rock Team with Izzy Filor, Conservation Officer at the John Muir Trust

 "Schiehallion, or the ‘Fairy Hill' of the Caledonians is one of Scotland’s best loved munros."

Steeped in myth, history and legend, ‘The Fairy Hill' site is now part of an initiative called the Heart of Scotland Forest Partnership, which sees a group of like-minded organisations and landowners working together for the benefit of the local environment and community.

woman out in the scottish countryside

Contrary to popular belief, Scotland is one of the most sparsely wooded countries in Europe. The woodland consisting mainly non-native trees grown quickly for timber.

two walkers in the scottish countryside
Rivre Rock team and John Muir Trust team out in the Scottish countryside

River Rock has partnered with The John Muir Trust who manage the site at Schiehallion and are working hard to restore ancient woodlands, create new woodland and make sure that native trees are re-established

For every bottle of River Rock purchased, a tree will be planted.

Bottle of river rock single malt whisky laid on the grass

The John Muir Trust whose work seeks to defend wild land, enhance habitats and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with wild places, began planting on Schiehallion in 2018. To date they have planted over 10 thousand trees. The trees are all native and include a mix of Scots Pine, Rowan, Birch, Aspen, Oak, Cherry and Willow. The larger aim is for this planting to create a native woodland corridor in the area, linking up with existing woodland and new planting schemes on neighbouring land.

“The John Muir Trust is pleased to be working with River Rock at the start of their journey.  We look forward to continuing this partnership to support our work in wild places, at Schiehallion and beyond.” 

- Adam Pinder, Head of Fundraising at the John Muir Trust

The River Rock Team will always seek to make a positive difference through their partnerships. Thanks to our drinkers, we hope to see many more trees planted in the future. 

Bottle of river rock whisky placed on the grass with walkers on a hill in the background