The Wonky Story

At River Rock, we love Single Malt 

But with over 70 years in the whisky industry, we also know that it is not always as welcoming as it should be to drinkers; Too often it is hard work, inaccessible, with an overpowering taste and an unpleasant ‘after-burn’ or an attitude which is unwelcoming and non-inclusive.
River Rock has a clear and simple aim:
To welcome more people into Single Malt Scotch Whisky
A whisky to enjoy not endure 

But to do that, we had to do things in a new way. 

A way which was less traditional, more welcoming; less hard work, more effortless; less conventional, more wonky.

We call it ‘The Wonky Way’.

 We celebrate and embrace individuality, we treat others with respect & make a positive contribution to this wonky world that we call home. 

Effortless Enjoyment

Single Malt doesn’t have to be challenging. With a sweeter, more welcoming flavour, the direct result of our distillation and ageing process, River Rock Single Malt was created for effortless enjoyment.
Great on its own, or with a mixer, it is the kind of drink to be shared with friends: the friends who may not always agree with you on everything, but who respect you for who you are, and are happy when you’re happy.

The ones with whom conversation flows effortlessly; no one pretending to be anything other than who they really are.

Beautifully Unique

The River Rock bottle is a truly unique design. Inspired by the abstract and individual patterns found in nature, it reflects the powerful yet effortless flow of a river. Crafted using long forgotten techniques for the perfect weight and feel in your hand. 
We see beautiful individuality where others see imperfection:
Using the unloved ‘wonky’ glass that is created when glass makers change colour and which normally goes to waste, each bottle of River Rock is a different colour.
Yellow, green and orange River Rock bottles

Make A Difference

Not only do we directly contribute to avoiding waste with our ‘wonky’ bottles, but we also put people and the planet at the heart of what we do.
Our packaging is 100% plastic free and 100% recyclable: with a cellulose shrink, and labels printed on FSC certified papers with no fancy foils or inks.

We are a proud member of 1% of the planet and work with like-minded partners who share our values: Our first partnership is with the John Muir Trust. For every bottle of River Rock purchased, we plant a tree (on Schiehallion) in Scotland.

From the very beginning we are working towards B Corp status, with up to 40% of the business allocated to employees and the people who will be key in making the world a little wonkier. 

Wonky Is: 

    The right path, not the easy path: true it’s easier just to conform and fit in but we strongly believe there is a place for a more welcoming whisky and this is it
    Being serious about our whisky, but not about ourselves: Three years hunting to find the perfect dram…ok, admittedly there are worse jobs!
      Embracing Individuality: we love that our customers are all beautifully unique, just like our bottles!
        Always striving to be better: this is the start of a journey, and we will learn and evolve as we go; such as the new biodegradable cellulose shrink on Batch #2
          Giving back: using our energy to defy corporate conventions and embrace a sustainable society by collaborating with a wonderfully wonky tribe of likeminded partners

            We Believe in Wonky. We think you will too!




            Bill, Laura & Mark.